Unfamiliarity: China

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My walking time at the destination is mainly dawn.

Just before the destination, go to the streets and spin around the hostel.

The reason is that the quietness without people is good,

The air is good and the temperature is good,

The emotion of the sky that is brightly brighter is good.

Above all, there is a safety issue.

The thieves and robbers also think that they go home to sleep at dawn.

(In fact, I heard that the same hostel traveler who was walking in Dawn in Vietnam was pickpocketed

Although the belief that dawn is safe was broken,

But that day,

Late at night, like dawn, late night,

I walked away from the night streets of Macau far 바카라사이트/a> from the casino.

It was colored in orange.

It was beautiful.

In fact, it wasn’t too late at night,

The distance was rare in the streets.

Sometimes I only saw a thief cat.

It was a secluded atmosphere that could not be seen easily.

As a result, I was able to walk slowly in every corner of Macau’s alleys.

Unlike the mainland of China, like Hong Kong, the Western culture was deeply introduced.

Macau’s streets have come to a pretty exotic look.

However, I was in an exotic charm and eventually lost my way.

No matter how you look at the map (Google Map), I couldn’t figure out where I was.

It was also a problem that I walked around too far from the distance I didn’t know

I went around without thinking here and there

I lost my sense of direction.

It’s all big adults will get lost.

Not a child.

Only then did the orange romantic night streets were scared.

If you go around that alley, you may pop out of the robber, so I walked out several times.

It was also because of being nervous, but the alleys that seem to be remembered

It was confusing whether it was an alley or a new alley. I was confused.

Eventually, I gave up everything and decided to go straight towards the closed casino.

At least there seemed to be people and taxis.

It seemed to be about an hour to walk, but there was no other way.

Then I met the police.

I looked doubtful when I was walking with a big camera in one hand

The police called me.

When he explained his own paper, the police gave him to ride behind the bike he rode.

Thank you for your sincerity, but it’s okay,

Then there was a big road not far away, and it disappeared in detail.

As the police told me,

Surprisingly, it was right in front of the hotel where I was staying.

In the end, I seemed to be banging the same place.

Like the sweet dream of the night, the orange night walk was over.

Memorial of Human Memorial of the Meta Bus Era 4, the movie

MBC’s VR Human DA CUME program gathered a topic with a program that attempted to meet with the deceased who had already died through VR, Virtual Reality (VR) and Visual Effect (VFX) technology.

Starting with Season 1 in 2020, Season 2 was aired in 2021.

For digital work, I selected a person of a similar age to the deceased, photographed his face and body, and modeled it with 3D scanning. And with Motion Capture technology, the actor’s actions and expressions were put into the 3D model, and the CG work was implemented like a real living 파라오카지노 person.

This work was based on some expressions and voices when the deceased lived, unique body movements, and interviews with people around them.

The voice was not only in the actual voice data, but also the voice data of similar age and learned through deep learning to create a similar voice as much as possible. In addition, virtual reality gloves were used to feel the touch and warmth and allowed a short conversation.

‘Bring’ or ‘delete’ the deceased

On the day of the experience, I used VR devices on my head and met with the deceased in a virtual space that was in the background of the field they were used to in the past. The first attempt was to meet with his third daughter, Nayeon and his mother, Jang Ji -sung, who passed away at the age of seven with a rare incurable disease called ‘hematopoietic lymphocytosis’ in Season 1.

I held a birthday feast for my daughter and said I couldn’t do it.

The second was about Kim Jung -su, who lost his wife, Seong Ji -hye, who lived with five children. As the couple were specially friendly, they held hands and danced. And the third was on December 10, 2018, working alone at a dark power plant and meeting with Kim Yong -kyun and mother, who died between the conveyor belt.

I thought a lot by continuing the broadcast through replay. It’s been a while since I’ve been a few years, but I wanted to touch it once more, and I was very sick of seeing a sad struggle to say one more word.

The life of the body stopped and could not breathe and communicate in one space, but it was still alive in that mind.

Those who participated in this program could not breathe and communicate in one space because of the body’s life activity, but I felt that the deceased only in memory and memories could meet the deceased through the five senses with the heart with virtual reality technology. It was revealed.

Although it was broadcast, it was amazing to be able to meet through the five senses as well as with virtual reality technology.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, which features digitization and interconnection of all information, enables new communication and interactions between the deceased, the bereaved and acquaintances. Even when there is a restriction in the face -to -face meeting, an environment where you can communicate sufficiently in an unpaid surface has been created.

Therefore, the news of the gourmet can be informed through real -time information and communication technology, and those who have heard the news can convey the sad heart anytime and anywhere.

This connectivity is the same not only among people but also in communication with the deceased. Even if you do not have to visit Sunsan, it is possible to remember the deceased without having to visit the actual site where the deceased was enshrined.

This is because augmented reality and virtual reality made based on big data are realized in realistic things that are not visible.

In this way, in the future, the memories of the memories of the deceased and the memories of the past will be various and embodied. In a virtual world, you can increase the experience of commemorating and communicating as in real sites.

Various natural environment content, such as the sky, the tree and the cemetery, can be provided to reflect the season and time elements.

Instead of tombs, but also the background images of the ranch, the grass, the sea intestine, and the Bongandang, you will experience the actual experience. At the same time, it can be immersed by the implementation of actions such as bees that are various movements of memorials, such as greetings or dedication. (Park Jong-an et al, “AR and VR-based Smart Memorial Garden Culture,” “The Korean Society for Information Technology” Vol.16 (No.10, 2018, 111-118.), 115-116.)

This technology can be used as it is not only for the deceased, but also when a pet dies and remembers.

In particular, virtual reality technology can help you to go to the field without going to the scene by allowing you to see the cemetery or Bongan -dang in 3D if you fail to decide to serve the deceased.

Already in 2018, the Ending Expo in Tokyo has also been shown as a device that allows you to look around the memorial park. If you wear VR glasses and look around, you can see the scenery of the memorial park at 360 degrees.

The company that introduced this technology explains that if the survivor wears VR glasses, he can check the landscape of the area where the deceased will be buried, which increases the probability of a contract to conclude.

The new experience that the digital world has never made is to save the dead again. Although not as a person who has a body before death, it is based on the memories of the past, and it is saved with almost identical images and voices.

Through virtual reality and augmented reality, the level of experience and depth is approaching reality as well as visual dimensions.

In addition, it will not be a one -sided experience, but by data on the deceased, and restoring the dead characters, conversations and sympathetic with each other.

And as an avatar in the virtual world, it can still exist after the death of a real person. You can reach an immortality. However, digitized beings can disappear by deletion, unlike the human death of the body.

Sometimes you can disappear at any time with accidental deletion or overlapping. Of course, it can be called again. Such death is controlled by humans, different from the death of the real human existence of death as a complete termination.

Between real and virtual reality

The world drawn in the movie Ready Player One (US/ 2018) is a world where anyone can go anywhere as a character he wants, and everything he can imagine.

It is because of the virtual world Oasis, and in the world, people experience pleasure in this world, unlike the dark reality of 2045.

James Harley Day, the world’s largest company, will launch Oasis in 2025 with Ogdon Moro. Oasis, a virtual world where imagination is a reality, can change not only appearance but also gender.

You can enjoy skiing at the Sphinx and experience numerous play on a variety of planets, including casino planets. It is a world where you can do everything you can do in reality, except for eating, sleeping, or going to the bathroom.

Thus, people worship game developers and make friends who have never met in reality, fights to get coins, and hunt hidden items.

However, as people live in Oasis, they are immersed in games in schools, streets, restaurants, and workplaces. In order to buy a better item to win the game and earn money, he is in debt and falls into more serious poverty.

People are increasingly immersed in the virtual world due to shabby and dark reality, and expecting a single amount in the game. With the development of scientific civilization, the future world depicted is poor, and the streets and people like the gutter are drawn into a virtual reality game at home.

On January 7, 2040, the geek genius James Harley, who made the Oasis world, dies and leaves a special will. The three missions hidden in virtual reality will be released to inherit Oasis’ ownership and enormous heritage to those who occupy Easter Egg first.

Harley appeared as an omnipotent anorak avatar, giving the key to the person who played the game at each stage. In the background of the virtual world, there are various characters showing popular culture in the 1980s.

In this event, many participants are challenged by individuals as well as companies. In particular, Surrento of a large company called IOI is a person who does not have murder in reality, hiring a lot of people and trying to win the game.

Wade Watts, the main character in the film, lives with his aunt in the Columbus trailer slums without parents.

However, if you access the oasis game on a treadmill with three -dimensional sound and motion sensor, you will have to do it without the need for your purpose. Here, the character is recognized as a character called Fascal.

First, the game that needs to be challenged to acquire the golden key has racing, and no one has reached its arrival point for a while. Pashoval gains a hint by visiting the Harley Day Journal, which allows Harley to see the films, TVs, books and everyday life.

Harley Day, who wanted to get out of the game’s rules, left a hint that was not only forward, but as he went backwards, not in the racing, but when he went back, he had a different space and finished the racing to get the first key.

Then a hint to get a second jade key is given, which is’ a creator who hates his work. Hidden keys and lack of courage. Get out of the past, then get a jade key. ‘

Solve the problem with Artemis and real name Samanta who met the first problem. Harley liked a woman named Kira, but she knows she is dating her close friend Moro and finds the answer where she puts her heart for friendship with her friend.

And the last third fertilization key can be obtained only by successful adventure games called Atari 2600.

The hint of this game is, ‘Everyone is defeated. It’s important to play, not winning, ”the key can be found by chance while wandering the dark room in the middle of the maze.

The room that hides the key is not at the end of the game, but you will continue to play and find the hidden pixels and take it to the main screen.

Wade succeeds in this game and finds all three keys and gets East eggs and eventually becomes the owner of Oasis as Harley’s will. Wade realizes the precious meaning of ‘reality’ through the meeting with Harley, who died in the process but still existed as an avatar.

So, as a new owner of Oasis, it is closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays to make people spend more time in reality.

The film makes people who neglect or ignore the life of reality and fall into the world of virtual reality to solve the problem and find the key. I think it’s going to be covered in the future, but there’s also a way to go backwards, and even if it’s a cliff, it’s important to take a step more courage and the achievements you experience in the process, not achieving your goals.

And Harley Day Avatar also tells us about the meaning of today’s life that ‘don’t forget that there is reality’. In fact, this oasis was a world created by Harley because he could not adapt to reality. He did not know how to communicate, and he was afraid to go out to the world until the end of his life.

Looking at intention in the digital world

The film takes place between the real world and the virtual world. In the virtual world oasis, if you connect with VR glasses and various devices, you will be able to capture the motion capture.

Surento, a representative of IOI, a big company, tries to take over the oasis to solve the problem with powerful capital and system. Instead of its name, we mobilize a number of people as a support team that analyzes popular culture to find clues to solve problems.

In the last third problem, a powerful shield is installed to block others’ access. He was already making a big profit by selling various weapons and items in the game.

Samantha’s father was exploited at the Royalty Center because he could not pay back the cost of the item. Threating Wade and attacking his aunt with an unmanned drone, his aunt dies.

Wade appeals to all the users to fight together and saves the captivated Samanda, and many users who are impressed by his appeals flock and fight.

Contrary to those who want to keep the original purpose of Oasis and make it a space for many people, there are people who want to control the real world by leaving a huge profits like Sorrento.

You can see that the virtual world is not completely separated from the real world, but another world that reflects reality in the big border of human life is made into a virtual world.

Virtual reality technology is used in various fields. It provides an experience that seems to be in the venue and takes you anywhere, such as an unfamiliar city or island. In the case of aircraft or fighter control training, it can be educated at a more effective and lower cost than when training is trained through real flight.

It is also used as a virtual showroom for vehicle dealers and architects. Interior designers can show various interior proposals, and they can actually feel the touch of wallpaper or flooring.

In the case of product design, it is possible to consult with the actually the completed form, and the furniture maker IKEA has allowed customers to deploy furniture in advance with the ‘IKEA Place’ app. .

Rakuten, a Japanese e -commerce company, has launched a service that virtually explores overseas weddings in advance, and can buy or rent a house or land without a broker.

In the future, office workers will be able to realize and work in the same space as the real office, as well as the designated place.

In fact, Facebook unveiled its Oculus Quest 2 at the Facebook Connect event in September 2020 and introduced the future office of the Infinite Office. (Kim Sang-kyun, Meta Bus, 338-39.)

If you wear Oculus Quest 2, you will see an office with a large monitor in front of you, and you will move the company’s office to the virtual world in the face of clinic work after Corona 19.

As such, devices that can experience virtual reality and various virtual worlds have been created in many ways. Facebook also introduced a plan to launch Smart Glasses, explaining that the world of carrying your smart glass will soon come as if you were carrying your smartphone.

But theologian James KEENAN points out that it should ask which augmented technology is used for.

In fact, the fact that augmented technology is actually studied in the United States is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the Ministry of Defense. The research was the key.

Therefore, it is pointed out that research funds for augmented technology are closely related to the development of weapons that mass -produce soldiers, and emphasize that the ethical value of augmented, such as the use of technology for the poor, must be properly evaluated.

Increasingly, virtual reality experience and activity in the virtual world are taking place in everyday life. It is also a space where you can realize a new experience and dreams that you have not done in the real world. But for humans, the virtual world is still based on reality. It is based on life.

In the future, there will be more new attempts on death and death rituals in the virtual world. However, it should be remembered that it is based on the memorial and mourning of the human death of the real world.

Therefore, we must carefully examine the value of death and the purpose of death by the convenience of the virtual world, new experiences and sensational satisfaction.