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In the case of small businesses, tax incentives work, so if you pay wages to workers, there are many places where the rest is distributed as their own executive fees. So Japanese companies with less than 70 % are in the red. (11) | Japan will be severely damaged by the tsunami UFO Agarta Shambara

・ In addition, there seems to be a negative Sirius alien who created “human beings that human beings” by genetic manipulation, including heterogeneous blood, and it seems that there is a story that “I was hated by God”. It seems that humans were originally complete and longevity, but it is also due to the illness …


[Bellator] Tofick Musaev’s exclusive interview in the United States debut “The match against Satoshi was injured. I wanted to rematch with RIZIN, but I won and rematch with the pitbull this time, wind the Bellator belt. Win again in the RIZIN ring. Waiting for the day “(Gong martial arts)

2019 RIZIN Lightweight GP Championship on July 22, 2022 (Japan time from 7:30 am on the 23rd of Japan) at the “Bellator 283” to be held at Emerald Queen Casino & Hotel in Tacoma, Washington, USA, USA. Tofick Musaev (Azerbaijan) participated for the first time. This magazine “Gong Martial Arts” conducted an exclusive interview. [Photo] …


I want to find real

1. I think the controversy over the plagiarism of composer Yoo Hee -yeol is quite noisy. It is big to get off from a long program, and people are suspicious of it, so this is also a plagiarism. 2. There is a YouTuber called Yongho. This man uploads a video -related video, with a two …