“[Pukuripo] Ehen Pui Pui Project # 420 -Clash! Visit home 12th (Part 1)]

At Dragon Quest Walk

I also did a casino slot!

777 is here! !

And Pukuripochon is

The refrigerator is full of lotte chocolate for gestures and karaage -kun!

The pie that I bought on the trap (it is not likely to be a point) and the receipt are included (laughs)

Drak Gun Est X Player Event

Ehen Pui Pui Project!

EPP for short!

What is “Ehen Pui Pui”! ?


Standing pose “Lucky Boy” “Lucky Girl”

It means Pukuripo in the state!

Note) Lucky boy (girl) is

When “Senreiki” is opened, the number of battles and subjugation

3 digits the same number for numbers such as monsters

It is a standing pose that you can get when you are on it.

Konkai is My Town, EPP member # 12, Snaht -kun’s house!

In addition, it is a plan to bother you that you are absent!

(It seems that he was participating in another character)

⓪ Before starting

As a result of lotte chocolate in the refrigerator.

I got a gesture, Karaage -kun!

①EPP League!

When I flew to My Town with a ruler, I divided it into two hands and everyone was a dice game! The team on the side who gave the biggest number wins!

By the way, I also participated.

In the game, there is a child who has a maximum number of dice on the side who was a little!

So, I first came to the last league match that came last.

② My Town, 3rd place

First of all, only the neck is put out on the bed at the entrance, only the neck, abbreviated “neck”

If you shoot normally, you can see your feet? Some children hid their feet (laughs)

My neck! !

And everyone enters the large aquarium.

After everyone is glittering in the aquarium

Move to the cat bed.

Here, we all allowed the release of Tsuta -kun (limited to cats) and played with Nyan!

Nyanko rolls around

Are you kun -kun? !

Cat -covered ~

I felt that it was a little over time than planned, but well, w

That’s tomorrow! (Schedule of)

Dowa (‘◇’) ゞ

Dragon Quest Walk Ranking

Dragon Quest X Ranking

Nihon Blog Village

Story of money

Everyone likes it, right?

It often comes out on the phrase YouTube

Do you like money?

I’m sure it’s better to have it!


I’m gone and I’m in a karakara

Have you died?

I have become karakara when I was young.

Stop electricity and gas

When I lived with salad oil.

That was a good time

I think now.

That much

Feeling that money will run out

Some people are not afraid.

With the fear of losing money


This 사설홀덤사이트 makes life most boring.

So to speak so to speak

I’m not the protagonist

Ask money to feed

In the meantime


Feudal system

This is the true truth.

I want to live like myself

Make money you need

The flow of money is the value of the original money.

If you have it, you will be happy


I saw the video of the president who melted 10.6 billion yen

The story of the family was hardly come out.

Happiness is not money

Money is not a means



And how to get rid of my life

No. 1 boring.

What is a human?

What is happiness for you?

What should I do to live with lively?

To deepen thoughts

It is a way to overcome this fear of money.