A must -see for 64 generations! Games that are too nostalgic to play on the switch now ─ Custom Robo Mario Story Pokemonup, etc. (inside)

Did you know that Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack of Nintendo Switch can play Nintendo 64 Mega Drive software? I think many people spent their childhood youth on this unit in a time when the whole game was not as widespread yet. [All 17 photos] This time, we will introduce five nostalgic hardware “Nintendo 64” software that produced many masterpieces. If you are a memorable person or have not played it yet, please take this opportunity to touch the masterpiece of the past. “Custom Robo”, “Custom Robo V2”, “Custom Robo”, and “Custom Robo V2” are works just added on Friday, July 15, 2022. The concept is an action game that customizes a robot of about 30cm in length to your liking and fights in a 3D space, and many people have invited a friend’s house or invited to the house to play together on the way home from school. The real pleasure of this series is Robo that can be operated three -dimensionally and its free customizability. In addition to the main weapon of Gun Bomb Pod, it is fun to operate a variety of actions, such as attack attacks and air dashes with invincible time. It’s convinced that you can customize such a robot to your liking and fight while thinking about tactics. As you proceed with the story, you will meet an enemy equipped with an “illegal part” that is not on the front stage, but this existence will make the game more exciting. Despite the strong habit, the individual abilities are set stronger than normal parts, and the names of illegal are combined with the tension of “I guess I’m fighting something extraordinary”. “Custom Robo” was able to play up to two people at the same time, but “Custom Robo V2” will be able to play up to up to 4 people, and will involve brothers and families and have a hottable battle. 。 In the newly added “2on2 battle”, it is fun to decide each other’s customization, such as one side in charge of long range and the other is in charge of short range, and it is fun to decide each other’s customization. It is a pose. In addition, the story mode is interesting throughout the series, and the royal road story aiming to be a champion of the national tournament while overcoming the hardships with unique characters is not just collecting parts. At that time, battles that could not be done at that time can now be played online using Nintendo Switch. Why don’t you invite an old friend who spends a long time and play after a long absence? “Pokemon Snap” and “Pokemon Snap” are a camera action game on the theme of taking pictures to examine the ecology of Pokemon living in the wild, unlike the successive series, which allows the captured Pokemon. It is a masterpiece that has never been seen before, and the scoring by Dr. Orchid is interesting, and it is a masterpiece that you can play silently by yourself. The Pokemon drawn in 3D take free actions in the wilderness. There are a wide variety of things, such as eating rice, sleeping, or taking an appeal pose, and the more rarely you take, the higher the score. “Apple” and “Pokemon whistle” that can be obtained as you proceed with the story are one of the few ways to approach Pokemon directly from the player. The photos that can be taken by making full use of these tools are a bit different, and there is also a depth that you can get special points in addition to the normal score. There are many gimmicks that you don’t notice even if you play normally, and new discoveries such as “Do you react with this tool!?” This work, which has a truly alive movement, can be seen in the ecology, gestures, and a variety of expressions that cannot be seen in the main story, and is summarized at a high level as a character game. The stage where the player visits has a hidden element, and some Pokemon that only appears by satisfying those conditions is full of entry elements. Of course, you can play with your favorite angle of views regardless of scoring, so you have a high degree of freedom, and depending on your ideas, you can enjoy it. If you think about it now, there are only seven types of courses, and there are some points to be worried about, such as up to 60 photos that can be stored, but it is still a wonderful work to add it. In addition, the Nintendo Switch “NEW Pokemon Snap” was released last spring, so if you are interested, check it out. “Kirby 64” and “Star Kirby 64” are the first 3D work in the series, and is a horizontal scrolling action that incorporates the depth of the background and new gimmicks linked to it. Combined with high quality BGM and 3D expressions well, the worldview, which is warm and dark, has a unique attraction, and has gained a very high reputation in this regard. increase. The biggest feature is “Mix Copy”. Speaking of Kirby, it is famous for the character that sucks enemies and copies abilities, and fights with that ability, but in this work, the maximum that can be copied is not one. These are freely combined, for example, taking out weapons like a lightsaber with a “spark+cutter”, and throwing a shuriken -shaped bomb if it is a “bomb+cutter”. Each mix copy has a theme, and there are hidden items that can only be obtained in a fixed combination. It is an indispensable element to play this work. The abilities you already have are inherited after clearing the stage, so it may be fun to find your favorite combination and challenge how much you can clear. This work has a lot of elements other than stories, such as mini games where up to 4 players can play in addition to the main content, “Bosubuchi” that fights with bosses on each stage, and collection mode where you can browse the monster cards you have obtained. 。 Above all, Bosubuchi is a popular series that is so popular that many RTA videos are posted. In order to fight under the harsh conditions of copying ability, recovery item, no remaining machine, it is a high difficulty mode that requires the basic operation as well as the correct understanding of the enemy. I guess there are many people who have been repeated repeatedly while being done many times. Also, if you clear it without receiving damage … If you are interested, please try it. In addition, all mini -games are simple but addictive, and if you play with multiple friends, you will definitely get excited in a hot battle. Some people say that they are more addicted to the main story. You can play easily in a short time, so please take a break and play. “Mario Story” among the games introduced this time, the most memorable thing is “Mario Story”. Later, the original “Paper Mario” series, the character and stage are expressed on paper throughout the whole story, and this is an action RPG featuring a gimmick like a picture book. This story also starts with the classic trend of Bowser exposing Peach Princess, but it is a rare technique in Mario in the history of Mario, where Princess Peach is exposed to the castle. The battle of this work is a command battle because it is RPG. From normal attacks to skills so that you do not get tired of battle, almost all skills have unique “action commands”, and there are various types of hits, timings, and long presses. If you succeed, you will benefit from increasing the damage and reduced damage, but if you fail, the effect will be greatly reduced, so I would like to practice frequently used techniques in preparation for the boss. In addition, friends who will travel together in the middle of the story will also participate in the battle and help Mario. Each companions have their own unique abilities and characteristics, and the use of attacks and field gimmicks that can only be dealt with by using them is a wide range of uses. This work is also a very fun work for hidden elements and subquest detours as well as the story. Many other elements, such as “Hoshino Sarager”, which is a collection element by item collection, complex dishes and cats at the base mushroom town, postal delivery by Paletta, and Cobulon that appear in the sequel. Is scattered everywhere throughout the whole story. In addition to clearing the story, these small joys at key points on 카지노 the stage sublimate the whole story into a higher -grade work. Those who are playing for the first time or those who have cleared but have forgotten these sub -elements can enjoy the adventure with a fresh feeling. This work, which is fantastic but has many impressive scenes, is a work that has many fans in its unique world view and does not fade. Although it is a single -only game, it is not possible to play multiplayer, but it is recommended for those who want to sit down and play, and those who want to adventure that world again. “Mario Tennis 64” and “Mario Tennis 64” are the roots of the “Mario Tennis” series, which have been a total of eight works since then. As the title suggests, Mario and their friends are enemies, and it is an action sports game where you can play with tennis together and play with tennis. There are a total of five modes that can be played in this work. It has a standard to unique mode, such as the standard “exhibition” that plays tennis, the “tournament” that participates in the tournament and aiming for trophy, and “Batastage”, which uses items. The operation of the 3D stick and the A / B button is almost complete, and the character’s response is good, so you can play widely from beginners who do not know tennis to advanced users. We have not forgotten the elements of hidden characters, hidden coats, and score attacks. If you win a tournament or perform good results in each mode, you can challenge your limit like a sports game, such as new elements will be added, and star performance will be displayed. Speaking of this work, multiplayer with multiple people is hot. A total of 16 characters have different statuses, such as power speeds, so they are compatible, and the battle has already begun from the time of the character selection. A bad serve that you can’t be hit in the CPU battle, or a doubles, a high -priced reading in doubles can be said to be the real pleasure of competing games. One play is a short time, so it is perfect for a between other games and a change. It might be a good idea to play with your friends and play in an online match. This time, we introduced five recommended software that can be played with Nintendo Switch’s paid online service “Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack”. Now, it is easy to play with people who are far away in old software. If you want to enjoy the excitement you tasted at that time, or if you knew but couldn’t play at that time, please consider joining this opportunity. Also, on the Nintendo page, an article published in the game magazine “64DREAM” at the time was published. The introduction of techniques and the contents of various hidden elements are also posted, so if you want to dig deeper into the work, you can enjoy it more.

“Fist of the North Star” that created the trigger of the golden age

Today, September 13 is the “Hokuto no Fist Day”, which has been registered as a registration by the Japan Anniversary Association. The origin was because the manga “Hokuto no Ken” was launched from “Weekly Shonen Jump” released on September 13, 1983. [Image] Souther is cute … “Fist of the Hokuto” is interesting to spin -off and musicals (14 sheets) “Hokuto no Ken” is the original drawing by Dr. Tetsuo Hara, the original of Dr. Tetsuo Hara, and the work is shared. However, there was a situation in this formation. Originally, “Fist of the North Star” was published as a broken manga twice in the separate volume “Fresh Jump” before the weekly serialization. At the time of this publication, both won the first place in the reader questionnaire, and due to its popularity, the serialization was decided in this magazine, “Weekly Shonen Jump”. Before the start of the serialization in this magazine, Prof. Hara heard the opinion that it would take some time to draw, so it would not be possible to serialize the weekly alone. That’s how it was. By the way, Mr. Horie later became the fifth editor -in -chief of “Weekly Shonen Jump”. It is the editor -in -chief when he achieved the highest number of records of 6.53 million copies in 1995 No. 3 and 4. At the time of reading, the stage was on the stage, but Professor Takeron -sensei said, “It is better not to have modern weapons to give physical strength” and “Let’s set the era without weapons”. A devastated worldview after the nuclear war was born. As a result, this “violence action in the devastated world” is one of the charms of this work. The “Fist of the Hokuto” won the second place in the first serialization questionnaire in the first serialization, and since then it has become a “jumping” sign that keeps the first place for three years. At that time, “Weekly Shonen Sunday” was rising to “Jump”, the first place in Weekly Shonen Magazine on a love comedy route with “Urusei Yatsura” and “Touch”. In this 1983, Sunday has been a threat to the “Jump”, which had begun to break up to 2.28 million copies, the highest record in history. However, the popularity of the “Fist of the North Star” dodged the pursuit of “Sunday”, and at the end of 1984, when the popularity was at the top of 1984, “Jump” has exceeded 4 million copies. Due to this popularity, the “Jump” editorial department, which tended to approach the love comedy route, immediately steered in action and fighting. It is 슬롯나라 the beginning of the so -called “jump golden age”. In this way, the “Fist of the North Star”, which was the beginning of the “Jump Golden Calon”, has not only “jump”, but also a wide range of genres, from other animations, manga, live -action works and movies.