April 2022 Recommended work for TV movies


I want you to be a world like 2.3 years ago.

Everyone eats delicious food, touches on various cultural arts, human life,

Please review the history carefully,

Isn’t it the same thing in Europe? I’m scared

I think we were going through the war and protected us children,

Our parents have changed their happy days, and the war began,

An earthquake occurred, a battle that was unthinkable between Ukraine and Russia,

Corona is also loosened, but you can’t feel safe,

After all spring has come.

The trees bud and the cherry blossoms began to bloom.

* April 3rd (Sun) BS-TBS 9:00 to 0:00

“007 Casino Royal” CASINO ROYALE (06 British) (Brown)

Daniel Gray appears as a bond for the first time. It depicts the success of James Bond in a young day.

・ CMs entered with commercial broadcasting, and I was hesitant to recommend it because it was dubbed, but should I make a little scarce?

* Monday, April 11th, 9:00 to 10:47 after NHK BS Premium

“Bride’s Daddy” Father of the Bride (91 US) (letters)

A human comedy remake “Bride’s Father” (50).

Portray the complex feelings of his father who married his beloved daughter and interact with the people surrounding them 슬롯머신 with humor and Pacos.

* April 13 (Wednesday) NHK BS Premium 1: 00-3: 00

“Wakakusa Monogatari” Little Women (94 US) (letters)

Aglaan Armstrong, a female director from Australia, made a novel by LM Orcot, depicting the growth of four sisters who faced various difficulties in the background of the Civil War.

Winona Rider plays Joe

・ Isn’t it interesting to compare with the latest “Story of My Life”?

* April 14th (Thursday) NHK BS Premium 1: 00-2: 45

“Arashikaoka” Wuthering Heights (39 rice) (characters) black and white

・ It is a rebroadcast who missed last month. If you like …

* April 22 (Fri) NHK BS Premium 1: 00-2: 45

“Yellow ribbon” She is She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (49 US) (letters)

A poetic western drama full of poetry by John Way Director John Fedd.

Vivid color image.

The theme song is so famous.

* April 27 (Wednesday) NHK BS Premium 1: 00-2: 59

“Gilbert Grape” What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (93 US) (character)

The excitement of Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio co -starring.

Gilbert lives with his younger brother of intellectual disability, mother of bulimia, and sisters in Iowa’s rural town.

Gilbert, tied to poverty and disability family, depicts the suffering of each.

Movie in a movie theater I want to see

* “The secrets of Huanta Tick Beast and Dumbledore” 4/8 (Fri) ~

MOVIX Saitama United Cinema Urawa

* “Marrimmy” 4/22 (Fri) ~

MOVIX Saitama

* “Paris 13 Wards” 4/22 (Fri) ~

MOVIX Saitama

* “Camon Kamon” 4/22 ~

United Cinema Urawa

* “Silence No Logistance” 4/12 (Tue) ~ 4/13 (Wed)

10: 30/14: 30/18: 30 Saitama Kaikan Small Hall

* After seminar held/April 13 (Wednesday) 14:30 ends

“About the French Jewish issue”

Guest: Kensuke Shiba (Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Women’s University, modern Germany)

* “Happy Hitomi Bocchi” 4/6 (Wed) to 4/10 (Sun) 10: 30/14: 30

Aya no Kuni Saitama Art Theater Video Hall

There is no doubt that it is a very bad summary site

There is a place to take up a low -profile actor like this

The kindness of the parlofle throttle (laughs)

For those with a high profile, there is no annoying thing because it is spreading extra things.

How many are you?

Is it a good feeling of life without money?

I wonder if the liking is high

.. It is a retrofit, 크레이지슬롯 but it will be released on Friday, “Young -chan, sleep? It seems that it is a full sluro -chan who appeared in