“I have moved to a thief resident”

It’s been a long time in a long time. 😅

After all, I’m busy, I’m sick, and after I finish my work, write a blog and post it. I’m tired enough to sleep without eating, don’t take a meal. ️

Well, it’s an excuse

By the way, most residents are welfare recipients, as they are in the nursing home.

More than 90%of the pocket money is less than 10,000 for the cost of this facility. I can’t buy cigarettes properly. So, there are quite a lot of money trouble.

Enter other resident’s room and steal gold. ️

Occasionally, there are pensioners, and residents who have trouble with their families, and residents who are paying pocket money are targeted. ️

I can’t confirm this because I can’t watch it. Such residents have only 3,000 슬롯머신사이트 yen for the month, but they paid 3200 yen and bought sweets and used a lot of money, so when they pursued where they would come out, they confessed. , I left immediately.

I was in trouble with the case worker at the government office, but I can’t help it.

Because it was theft, it was fine for the police.

Well, I left immediately.

By the way, I purchased a computer manager.

Of course, used, online casinos,

For a couting tool. ️

Couting is a long -standing way for Baccarat and Blackjack to win.

Of course not 100%. ️

In combination with other victory methods, we will increase the winning rate.

You can win.

The online casino takes a lot of time and effort until you can actually withdraw. ️

I often watch it on Twitter etc. in the gap time. ️I think it’s difficult for people who do ordinary work 😅 😅

Well, it’s not a lie because the result is out,

I can’t recommend it because it’s gambling!

I don’t understand the computer, and I’ll give you the next post.

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