Men’s Ladies Enamel Wallet Recommended & 3 popular brands [latest version in 2022]

High -quality enamel wallets are particularly gorgeous and are often selected as gifts among fashion accessories. Therefore, this time, we have compiled the latest information on the enamel wallet recommended for gifts in 2022. See 12 carefully selected items, such as a minimal wallet that is perfect for the first enamel wallet and a cowhide zip wallet that is easy for men to use. Louis Vuitton Portofoille Multiple Folding Wallet Fake Fake Men Fashion »Wallet / Supporial» Folding Wallet ・ 11.5 x 9 X 1.5 cm (Width x height x Machi) ・ Material: Epi Leather (Leather: Cowhide) Lining: Textile Trimming: Leather (Leather: Cowhide) Monogram / Eclipse Canvas / Bracket (Color: Silver), Card Pocket X3, Business Card Pocket X2, Banknotes Composition X2, Receipt side Pocket X2 * Color: Color: Color: Color: As shown in the photo (real thing shooting) * Level: 1 to 1 (Class N class) And the real thing is better than the photo! * Get good products with affordable value! ! How about a gift for yourself and for your loved ones? (^-^)

Ladies Fashion »Wallet / Accessories» Long Wallet

Product details

Size: 18.8cm wide x Vertical 9.9cm x thickness 1.5cm

Coating canvas

Continental wallet

Antique gold metal fittings

Zip opening and closing

Card Slot X 12

Inner zip coin parthsen X 1

Receipt compartment X 3

Beige: 6804012103Z0001

Black: 680422210461000

Wipe with a soft cloth

Material: 30 % calfskin, 30 % cotton, 30 % polyurethane, 7 % polyester, 3 %

Gucci Wallet Fake [Offidia] GG Card Case Wallet 658552 Brand (Gucci) Brand Gucci 크레이지슬롯 X Gucci X Card Case / Business Card Lines OPHIDIA (Officia) Category Ladies Fashion »Card Cases / Business Card Press Season 2022 SS 2022 SS Beige & Evony GG Sprem Canvas (material based on environmentally friendly manufacturing methods) Brown Leather Trim Green/Red/Green Web Stripe Gold Tone Double G Card Slot X 4 Zip Clag Width 11.5 x Machi 3 cm [ Related article】:

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