In the case of small businesses, tax incentives work, so if you pay wages to workers, there are many places where the rest is distributed as their own executive fees. So Japanese companies with less than 70 % are in the red. (11) | Japan will be severely damaged by the tsunami UFO Agarta Shambara

・ In addition, there seems to be a negative Sirius alien who created “human beings that human beings” by genetic manipulation, including heterogeneous blood, and it seems that there is a story that “I was hated by God”. It seems that humans were originally complete and longevity, but it is also due to the illness and the birth of children with a disabled person, and the devil and the genie. ” Even so, there are many children with disabilities. It seems that the genie, dark angels, fallen angels, and devils are also complex, and if they exist, do the grounds appear to be killed and unhappy hell?

・ Freemason, which is said to be “Satan’s Sento”, is said to have received many US President as a member. That’s right. The influence of Freemason and alien people on the politics on the earth is an overwhelming influence, as not as a secret society, as many of the US President were a free mason member. 。 Although Lira’s 20,000 -year -old Lira has shown the identity of Lucifer, is the evolved alien civilization, especially super science, often incomprehensible to modern scientists?

・ From the website of Laelian Movement, “Message from Alien”, “Mightlaya”, “Clone Human YES!” You can read it for free. By the way, in the United States, a book called “Intelligent Design” is published in the United States. The era may be changing from “paid information to free information” to “paid soft to free software”.

・ In this terrible era, in this terrible era, which is an era where the population declines are increasing, the number of sales and emails are increasing. The world of aliens like heaven without a monetary system that can be obtained for free is like a dream story. This book, a French lira alien, which was greatly advertised in the Nikkei Shimbun 40 years ago, had a significant impact on the reader.

・ Currently, he is active in the Laelian movement, and seems to have caused social issues in the United States and other countries due to cloned human problems. The advanced thoughts and behaviors seem to have rebounded and resisted from so -called sensible schools and Christian churches in many society. You can read five books about Lira (Koto) on the Laelli Movement’s website for free, but Lael’s subsequent books are expected to be published. Regarding Lira (Kotoza) Alien, the report of Lael’s Contacti is the only shocking. It is expected that many such alien reports will be published.

・ It is said that “49 % of the work population of Japan can be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) and robots.” Is it true, we’re not sure. It is predicted that “2045 AI will be more than humans.” That way, the problem of labor supply and demand may come out. It is an era when the work and working style of civil servants and private companies are changing dramatically. The author (Masafumi Koshiba) is the mayor of Ikoma, but it seems that various reforms are being implemented in Ikoma City. It seems that a big move will come out not only in the world of civil servants but also in the world of private companies. It has been pointed out that the “law of survival” that “the strong person has survived. The ones that have adapted to the change have survived.” It is said that “reason is working in any case.” In the competition era, Darwin’s law, which is said to be the “law of survival of optimal survival,” works. It is said that “it is an era when the difficulty of living is unconsciously forgotten.” There is nothing perfect, and it is said that it will compete for pies. It is said that “the distribution and redistribution before society are not working well.”

・ Certainly, the world has changed greatly in the “Inter -Net Revolution”. Thirty years ago, it was said that “I don’t need a salesman in the inter -internet revolution.” “Labor revolution” will occur in AI and robots. Therefore, it is said that there is a method that causes a “labor revolution” without foreign workers. Of course, a method of accepting and expanding while regulating foreigners will be adopted. However, it is said that it is necessary to eliminate gender gaps before the expansion of foreign workers. The “deterioration” of large companies and large organizations has become a major issue in society. We do not understand the causes and backgrounds for us. It seems that the politicians, bureaucrats, and civil servants who are relied on are also “deterioration”. In the “era of drastic changes”, “Nippon Maru” may also be involved in unexpected large typhoons. Including immigrants will eventually save some of the vulnerable in the world, Japan. It is said to cut off the weak.

“Hiring and using employees requires great abilities as a manager. Hiring and using foreign workers requires several times more energy than Japanese employees.” increase. Although it is currently discussed in the Diet, the issues of foreign workers are being considered in various fields. It is pointed out that the LDP is in a hurry, so it will pass through the Diet.

・ According to the Internet information, “concerns about the amendment proposal for expanding foreign workers Mie Prefecture 2018/11/9”

“Regarding the amendment of the immigration management law to expand foreign workers, Governor Suzuki of Mie Prefecture said on the 8th that” it is difficult to deprive women and people with disabilities. ” Showed me.

The acceptance of foreign workers is currently limited to those who have specialized skills, such as doctors and university professors, but the amendment of the Immigration Law can accept foreign workers in the field of simple labor. It is a big aim to eliminate labor shortages. “

・ For foreign workers, it has already been pointed out that missing persons, suicides, accidents, overwork, troubles, and crime issues have already emerged, and those numbers are unexpectedly numbers. Last year there were 7,000 missing people and where are they? It seems that thousands are coming out every year. Are more and more companies that have trouble? It is said that using foreign workers cheaply will not be friendly. It has been pointed out that the so -called foreign technical training system has an institutional problem. If there are many troubles, the young people of foreign workers who bring their dreams and hopes are poor. It is said that Japan’s “minimum wage” is also low in developed countries. Including foreign workers is likely to have even more social issues. It has been pointed out that a missing person needs an appropriate legal procedure without leaving one person. There seems to be some malicious human resources companies who know that they are illegal foreign workers and introduce them. There is also a problem to hire gay (LGBT, etc.) employees. These have become a major problem for foreign governments, a major problem of the Japanese government, and have become an international problem for both countries. The competition between companies is fierce, so it seems that “closure due to labor shortage, bankruptcy” is absolutely want to avoid as a manager. At the site, it is said that “labor shortage” is not waiting. However, it is said that by gradually raising the minimum wage, it should increase “labor productivity”, which is a developed country. It has been pointed out that “the step -up of the minimum wage is the selection of weak companies and cut off.” It is also said that if the number of foreign workers increases, the wages of Japanese people will not rise.

According to David Atkinson, “policies to easily enter foreign workers are very highly evaluated as a policy.” Specifically, it has been pointed out that a measure to increase women’s managers by setting up a “female frame” in public servant examinations, etc.

“If you verify the history of humanity so far, it is the most dangerous policy to have a large amount of immigrants from abroad from abroad.”

・ In the United States, 14 million illegal immigrants flowed into a major social problem. “Immigration caravan” aiming for the United States is also a big news. Refugee issues and unemployment problems are becoming very serious around the world. It is said that Japan’s overseas assistance has decades, and it should be reviewed and restructured boldly. “There is no problem. Reforms are constantly delayed.” It has been pointed out that the “immigration” problem is essentially different between the vast country of the United States and the narrow country Japan. It is said that it is necessary to eliminate gender gaps, hire disabled, and utilize the elderly before the expansion of foreign workers. It is said that about 10 million foreign workers will live in Japan for their jobs in the future, even if they do not allow immigrants. “Immigration issues cannot be accepted because they cannot give immigrants land.” It has been pointed out that there are very many struggles related to land, such as land boundary struggle. It is said that “Japan is not a country that puts immigrants, but a country that emits immigrants.” In the past, it was a “poor country that produces immigrants in narrow land,” but after high growth, the situation has changed, and foreign workers are increasing. Konosuke Matsushita says, “The narrowness of the country is the root of all evil.” It is said, “How to put foreign workers who will become future immigrants in a narrow country.”

According to the Internet information

“It’s like buying slaves” Mr. Ozawa … Refugee Law amendment

18/10/30 (Tue) 19:41 Delivery Yomiuri Shimbun

At a press conference on the 30th, the Liberal Party Ozawa co -representative criticized the amendment to the Immigration Refugee Law, which would expand the acceptance of foreign workers as “buying slaves from a developing country in low development.” did. “We doubt the public’s insight to create a strange system to make up for the short labor shortage of some business circles.”

・ Mr. Ozawa’s evaluation is harsh. The politician, Ichiro Ozawa, is a big politician, but it is said that there are many fake (fake) and information on inter -net information. It has been pointed out that he is in the mid -praise phase. If you put “Ichiro Ozawa” on Amazon, you will see 356 books. The amount is large and we are not sure. There seems to be a mysterious book called “Kibi Uzumasa scenario, which has finally begun to move to His Majesty the Emperor and Ichiro Ozawa, with a huge amount of money” 3000 trillion yen in Kyoto “” (Hikalland, 2017/1/31).

Veteran pointed out that there are many politicians who have been in the business of state management, and that there are many “small lawmakers” in accordance with the intentions of the party headquarters for small constituencies and political funds. 。 It should only be the best & bretstest, but is it a strange story?! It seems that a “National Remodeling Plan” is required to combine the wisdom of the best and bristest technoclato, which is well -developed in the business of national management. The government should have gathered best and brushes, but it is strange. It is said that if the government is solidified with the best & britests, it will be a little better result and policies. It seems that the strict standard of “If you have damaged the nation, should be compensated and compensate with your personal assets” is applied. Originally, the world of politics is said to be a harsh and strict responsibility world. However, since government offices are the largest think tank in Japan, they are actively functioning. “Some people are not interested in politics, but no one is not related to politics.”

・ In the “100 Years of the Future of Japan”, the problem of population decline is taken. There are many concerns about future technological innovation, social security system, and abnormal weather issues due to global warming. Foreign workers have been discussed in various organizations, and it is said that trial and error are continuing. It has been pointed out that “improving productivity, utilization of women and the elderly, employment of disabled people, and solving foreign workers” should be given priority. From the perspective of foreigners, it is said that the reasons and background of Japanese productivity in Japan are not known. It is said that bad labor practices (such as extreme overtime dependence, return on holidays, and the use of double standards between legal principles and on -site substances, etc.) do not decrease significantly. It is said that the decline in population is not only a negative side, but also a chance to take the “labor revolution”. Some people say that AI and robots can make up for the shortage of labor. In the Labor Revolution, unprofitable occupations and old -fashioned professions will disappear. It is said that M & A (merger and absorption) of small and medium -sized enterprises should also be promoted. It is said that it is necessary to eliminate gender gaps and utilize the elderly before the expansion of foreign workers. It has been pointed out that foreign workers also have many labor issues. “Immigration issues cannot be accepted because they cannot give immigrants land.” It is said that about 10 million foreign workers will live in Japan for their jobs in the future, even if they do not allow immigrants. “In 2065, one in eight Japanese consists of people from foreign countries.” In an era of labor shortage, it is said that bold “structural reforms” are needed rather than thinking only to put in foreign workers. “There will be things to do before entering foreign workers.”

According to David Atkinson’s “New Productive Country theory” (Toyo Keizai Shinposha 2018/2/23), the number of Japanese companies is “half now”. By the way, who can “half the number of companies in Japan”? Bold reforms are said to be impossible for politicians. It is said that the collision of vested interests is intense.

・ The future forecast is that “2048 (possibility of the Nankai Trough Giant Earthquake) more than 320,000 people. The total damage is 220 trillion yen.” The prediction of the large earthquake tsunami and the Nankai Trough Giant Earthquake Tsunami directly below the capital seems to be very large in the media, but there is also a theory that it may not be so far in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Looking at the Hokkaido earthquake with a seismic intensity of 7, it became a natural disaster archipelago that “earthquakes occur everywhere.” In July and August, it was a record heat. It is said that the frequency of earthquakes increases. Perhaps because of the effects of global warming, typhoons and torrential rains are becoming larger and maximized, attacking the Japanese archipelago. It is said that the abnormal weather due to global warming becomes a furious heat wave in the summer in the summer, and it becomes a furious cold wave in winter, attacking cities and farmland.

・ In the special feature of “Newsweek 2018/09/18”, the article “Hot House House Following the Earth”, “even if you follow the emissions of the Paris Agreement, the warming will progress, and many land will not be able to live. -The new theory of shock is calling a ripple. ” “This new theory is focusing on 10 natural phenomena that can bring the” hot house earth “phenomenon in a chain like a domino.” They are “release of methane and CO 2 by melting permanent frozen soil”, “Methane release from methane high grades on the seabed”, “decrease in CO 2 absorption due to land and ocean ecosystems”, and “CO by bacteria proliferation in the ocean” “2 release”, “Release of CO 2 due to large -scale death of Amazon Tropical rainfall”, “release of CO 2 due to large -scale dead northern forests”, “rise in temperature due to the decrease in snow in the Northern Hemisphere”, and “In the summer” The temperature rises due to the decrease in sea ice in the Arctic sea, “a rise in temperature due to the decrease in sea ice in the Antarctic region in the summer”, and “a decrease in the Ice sheet of the Arctic and Antarctica”.

It is said that people around the world are suffering large -scale damage due to the maximization of abnormal weather.

・ Future is according to Wikipedia Wikipedia

“Future studies (Futurology) are a study and inference that investigates and inferiors how things in the future will change based on historical situations. It is a coined word of German professor Ossip K. FLECHEIM. In the middle of the 1940s, a new study based on probability theory was proposed.

If the time is metaphor, the future refers to the part that has not yet happened in the time line. In other words, it is a time and space where there are still events that have not yet occurred. In that sense, the future is the opposite of the past (a gathering of events and time that has already occurred), and is the opposite of the present (a gathering of events that are now occurring). Future scholars are those who see such a future and try to analyze some analysis. “

・ What is the “future studies” in Japanese academic world? It is necessary to study organizational and systematic “future studies”, but it is also said to be “late.” There are many earthquake research institutes in Japan, but the Great East Japan Earthquake suggests that the earthquake research institute was not useful. Shigeru Ishiba has advocated the establishment of the Ministry of Disaster Prevention, but it is said that it only makes another side -by -side organization. “You will not be able to make quick decisions and no one will need to take responsibility.” The unexpected damage caused by the Hokkaido Earthquake and Typhoon 21 was serious. It seems that the blackout has caused a loss of 29.2 billion yen for 940,000 foreign tourists and others. It is necessary to consider emergency measures for the risk of blackout. There is also a risk of landslides nationwide, and there is a concern that the damage will be large and worst. It is said that the wisdom of Japanese people should be used to prevent severe damage due to earthquake tsunami, typhoon, heavy rainfall, water shortage, and abnormal weather.

・ The story of “2033, the time machine is completed” is like a dream and a ridiculous story. It is also an interesting phenomenon that the number of US scholars who think that time machine is possible is increasing. Is it a science and technology from “alien engineering”? It is said that there was a theory that UFO itself was a time machine. It is said that they are aliens living in Quintonia, a planet, 68 light -years away from the earth, and can move from home to 더존카지노 “Area 51″ in 45 minutes. ” 。 “Israel has signed a trade agreement with Sirius.” “President Trump is not a formal Jewish, but his daughter, Ivanka’s husband, is Kushner, an orthodox Jewish, and after marriage with him, Ivanka has been converted to Judaism. Among them, the relatives may be the most closely related to the Jews. “

And the strong connection between the old US government and Jewish is often pointed out. The Israeli intelligence may have succeeded in contacting Area 51 aliens. It is said that the penetration of Israel in American politics is unimaginable. Where does Trump belong to the free masonry? It is said that “business will not work unless you are a Mason employee.” Is New York a lot of Jewish free -mason organizations?

-Isn’t this means that “Israel and Japan have signed a trade agreement with Sirius”? Compared to Israeli intelligence agencies, Japanese intelligence agencies are said to be poor and the remnants of the defeated country. It is said that “countries without intelligence agencies will drop out of national competition first.” It is said that there is no recognition or awareness of politicians and bureaucrats in that regard.

What is the contact with the Japanese government -specific gods (aliens)? It may be that there are only a few civil servants. It is said that few people recognize the issue of alien in Japan. It is said that sovereignty will be in danger if alien information is disclosed. “Freemason is a hatred of God.” Conversely, “God is the first free mason.” Freemason seems to be theoretically complicated and unknown as a super -ancient and modern thing. It seems to be closely closely related to intelligence agencies, saying, “I started by studying Freemason to start an intelligence agency.”

“Putaha, an ancient Egyptian Memphis, who is an architect and craftsman, is one of the most important gods. Is shown. It is said that Putaha came from outside the solar system and built the world, sun, planet, and all creatures according to Toto’s instructions. Naturally, he will belong to the category of the gods older than the Osiris family. ” I don’t know much about old gods and new gods.

President Trump seems to be an Abab top secret to aliens. The alien may have demanded the U.S. government for the Abab Top Secret. It is said that the theoretical and actual confusion of God and the devil is seen everywhere in history through information manipulation. “Freemason is a disgusting of God,” he seems to be common sense recognized as the Christian Church of God and the Devil Hall of Fame, Freemasonry. “In a modern interpretation, the terms of the fallen angel Lucifer or the Lilla Alien Satan (Devil) is the name of the research group of genetic scientists.” It is said that there is a theory that Freemason’s main god is Gnostic’s Demiurgos (Creator of Evil). It is said that the Freemason Association has existed over a variety of solar systems long before the earth was created.

・ The battle between individual health and illness may evolve, and medicine may reach “immortal”. It is said that the “labor revolution” and “occupational revolution” will occur as the population decline. The nursing care of the social system and the countermeasures for the elderly will be well studied. Is the evolution of (super) technology in all aspects dramatically by alien engineering? It is said that the United States has concluded a secret agreement as an Orion alien called Large Nose Gray. It is said that Orion Alien has evolved 50,000 years of age, and seems to be able to “exchange human souls”. It has been pointed out that the time machine can be realized by obtaining the Technology of Orion Alien.

Population decline is increasing in the future forecast of creating a very negative society. However, the central government, which is said to be a Japanese think tank, is, of course, is trying to make a “medium- to long -term plan” as a mission and transform the tragic society of the “population decline era.” It is said that a “National Remodeling Plan” is required to combine the wisdom of the Dream Team of the best & bristest technoclato, a well -known national management practice. It seems that a “super long -term plan” is also needed. It has been pointed out that the population declining era is not only negative but also positive social reform. In the era of population decline, the “labor revolution” seems to be recommended in various fields. In the first place, the economy is imbalanced.

・ By the way, in the era of population decline, it seems that it is necessary to switch heads and “compact society” and “shrink”. Of course, many books will be published in the “population decline era” of experts. It is a major theme of various think tanks and research institutions. Population decline will be a strict number for people in the business industry, so quick measures will be required. For example, even if domestic demand is rapidly decreasing, it seems impossible to take export only. It seems that you need to give considerable wisdom.

In the era of declining birthrate and aging population, the government seems to be studying and implementing policies by drawing various scenarios. In addition, local governments and companies in each country are researching and practicing various methods in terms of “regional revitalization”. It seems that “the way of working for the elderly in the near future, women, and young people” needs to be re -assembled with a novel idea. For women, it seems that child -rearing support and various institutional collateral are needed. “Super -aged” is a trend of the world, so it seems that there is no need to take measures with governments. It is said that there is no problem, such as the problem of nursing care and dementia. Reforms are constantly delayed.

・ In the case of the elderly, the number of companies without retirement is likely to increase. The employment status of young people seems to be deteriorating worldwide. Compared to that, Japanese students seem to be blessed. In Japan, the problem of dispatched workers other than regular employees is increasing. In the future of Japan, there are many negative views due to population decline, but it has been pointed out that measures are abundant considering. Surprisingly, the number of elderly people in “ping -pinkorori” seems to increase. Even with the declining birthrate and aging population, depending on the ingenuity, a bright scenario can be drawn. However, it seems that NPO corporations are also relied on subsidies and donations, and it is often difficult to be profitable.

・ The delayed aspects of society, non -modernity, backdrops, and old heads are increasing more than expected. The reform speed seems to be very slow. Is it the result of a really good bureaucrat or politicians? It is said to be “lost 20 years”, but it is a long period. The number of voices in the city is increasing in the city. “The appointment of women is not a developed country.” It is clearly pointed out that it is a later -developed country. Bureaucrats’ corruption is rarely reported, but we cannot understand it. It is said that it is a good idea to send shame internationally.

Abenomics has been questioned because “a limited budget, a tax revenue that does not increase, and a budget deficit that cuts the non -sufficient welfare budget.” Let’s recognize clear numbers this year. It is said that Prime Minister Abe himself acknowledged Abenomics failure. It seems that there is an economist forecast that “the consumption tax will also be increased to 20 %.” 「 定年を75歳まで延長し、消費税を20%にすれば社会保障制度の維持が可能になる 」という議論もあります。今後は特に「高齢者に優しい電子政府の推進が経済活性化の鍵を握る」のかもしれません。

・官民あげて外国人観光客を増やそうと努力しているようです。観光業の振興には、さまざまな識者の見解があります。2020年の東京オリンピック・パラリンピックにむけて、いろいろな新企画が動き出しているようです。 Airbnbとかの新しい民泊の動きもありました。「規制」には、当然のことながら、メリットもデメリットもあります。私たち一般人は、当然詳しくはありませんが、5つ星ホテルやIRの課題も、関係者が非常に熱心に研究しているようです 。問題となっていた「獣医の数字」も不足しているのか、増員すべきなのか、専門家の間でも意見の相違があるようです。 カジノも認め、さまざまな時代の流れに応じて規制を緩和する方向にあるといわれます 。自由なビジネス活動を応援するのか、規制を強化して、弊害を減少させようとするのか、政党間でも2つの動きがあるようです。グローバリズムといいましょうか、グローバル―スタンダードを無視できないほど、国際化がすすんでいます。米国の共和党の政策として、補助金を大胆にカットしていくという施策があるそうです。その政策の背景には、民主党と違った政治理念・経済理念があるといわれます。 森羅万象にはプラスとマイナスの面がついてまわります。

・ 「失政」が増えている時代に、私たち一般人は、政治意識を高めていく必要があるそうです。 “Reforms are delayed because really good bureaucrats and politicians are not appointed.” 「昔から政治が一番遅れている。票の請負業のようなもの」といわれます 。日本経済が振るわなくなっているのは、政治の後進性が原因だといわれます。 「日本の政治家はアメリカのロビイストのような役割を果たしている」という説もあります。政府にはベスト&ブライテストが集結しているはずですが?! 国家経営の実務に精通したベスト&ブライテストのテクノクラートのドリームチームによる、英知を結集した「国家改造計画」が求められているそうです。しかし、万博等のイベント戦略も想定するコストや効果の算定が難しいようです。

・「民主主義国家においては国民はその程度に応じた政府しか持ちえない」といわれます。また「政務活動費の問題も氷山の一角」とも指摘されています。政治の費用対効果の向上、行政サービスの効率等、問題は山積みといわれます。(地方)議員の近未来の姿は欧米のようにボランティア議員の流れだといわれます。困っている人も増えており、単に「政治の貧困」としては片づけられないそうです。今の時代、国民の血税のタックス・イーターが増殖しているのかもしれません。「国民が政治を嘲笑している間は嘲笑に価する政治しか行われない」そうです。 「政治に関心のないひとはいるが、政治に関係のないひとはいない」と述べられます。

・世界経済の企業間競争は、当然のことながら、「優勝劣敗」の厳しい世界のようです。私たち一般人には、東芝問題のような大企業が劣化することは理解不能なことが多いようです。大企業にも多くの企業で劣化が見られると語られています。 日本経済もマクロ的な順番は確かに高いのですが、1人あたりでみると、順位が低く、多くの問題点が指摘されています。移民問題も検討されているようですが、「移民の問題も移民に土地を与えることができないので受け入れられない」といわれます。 移民を認めなくても将来は1千万人程度の外国人労働者が日本に職を求めて住みつくといわれます。それほど、世界の失業問題は深刻だそうです。 米国が脱退したTPPも特定国ですすめることが決定されましたが、想定通り輸出が増えるのでしょうか。TPPは、さまざまな問題が出てくると指摘されています。

人口減少はマイナス面ばかりではないといわれます。2050年までには 人口も1億人を切りますが、明るい未来を想定する説もあるようです。ロボットなどのテクノロジーで人口減少を克服できるという説もあるようです。また人口減少で「労働革命」がすすむといわれます。非正規雇用の問題とか労働時間の問題などさまざまな摩擦が起こっています 。人口減少により、労働摩擦も激化しますし、高齢化で商店も閉店され、シャッター商店街も増加することでしょう。当然のことながら、近代化にはさまざまな「痛み」と「過程」を伴うといわれます。人口減少もマイナス面ばかりでなく、それをチャンスに変えて「労働革命」の契機にする必要があるといわれます。「労働革命」で、採算の取れない職業や古臭い職業は、なくなっていくことでしょう。労働生産性の近代化が人口減少ですすむと思われます。 外国人労働者の拡充の前に男女格差の解消、障害者雇用や高齢者活用が必要だといわれます。

・最近のオリンピック・パラリンピックでは、日本選手の活躍は目覚ましいものがあります。金メダルも珍しくなくなってきています。ところが、昔のオリンピックでは、日本選手の活躍は、現在ほどではありませんでした。 その原因は「欧米選手との基礎体力の格差」が指摘されていました。基礎体力の劣る小柄な日本人は、昔のオリンピックでは、金メダルをとることが難しかったようです。同じように経済の成長に関して、現在では1人当たりの「生産性」が遅れていることが指摘されています。アベノミクスもGDPの増大には、限定的な効果しかなかったといわれます 。「生産性は世界第27位」を改善するのは、「経営者」しかいないとデービッド・アトキンソン氏は説いているようです。戦後の日本の高度成長の原因は、経営者と勤労者が一生懸命に働いた結果だと指摘されています。 日本の技術力が高いという自信が事態の改善を一層困難にしているようです。それに大企業と中小企業の二重構造の問題もあります。女性の活用がカギだといわれます。

女性の眼から見ると「政治や経済の後進性」を痛切に感じることでしょうか。 “The appointment of women is not a developed country.”経済問題の解決には、予想外にも、生産性を上げることを考える必要があるといわれます。 It has been pointed out that women are most not used in the use of human resources.女性が働く必要のない社会のベーシックインカムは、ユートピアで夢の話だそうです。

・ 社会の遅れた面、非近代性、後進性、頭の古い面が予想以上に増えてきています。 The speed of the reform of the outdated aspects seems to be very slow.あまり知られていないことだが、日本の社会保障というのは、先進国とは言えないくらいお粗末なモノなのであると指摘されています。社会のあらゆる事に「先進的である」ということは不可能なことでしょう。 “Reforms are delayed because really good bureaucrats and politicians are not appointed.”その点については政治家と官僚の認識も自覚もないといわれます。 「 政治は税金なり 」といわれますが、税制が劣化してきているともいわれます。政治の費用対効果の向上、行政サービスの効率等、問題は山積みといわれます。

・ 政治家は選挙民の対応に追われて、勉強ができないそうです 。「政務活動費の問題も氷山の一角」と指摘されています。「失政」が増えている時代に、私たち一般人は、政治意識を高めていく必要があるそうです。「失政」を詳しく調べていくと恐るべきことが分かるのかもしれません。

「政務活動費の問題も氷山の一角」と指摘されていますが、現状の政界では「大胆な身を切る改革」は無理だといわれます。実際には、人材が活用されていないのでしょうか。政府にはベスト&ブライテストが集結しているはずですが? !数多くあるシンクタンクもさまざまな企画を練っているといわれます 。日本経済を再生させるには、どのような計画が有効なのでしょうか。安倍総理自身もアベノミクスの失敗を認めたといわれます。日本は先進国だと自慢ばかりはできないと語られています。さまざまな世界的な統計では、先進国としてのランキングが落ちてきています 。近未来、福祉大国、経済大国ということが神話になるという説もあるようです。しかし、そこは真面目な国民性のこと、さまざまな改革案が、さまざまな分野で検討されていると語られています。官僚制度も時代の流れに適応できずに制度疲労、劣化が目立つともいわれます。 「官庁はわが国最大のシンクタンク」ですので、活発に機能しているのでしょう。ベスト&ブライテストしか政府を構成できないはずですが?!

・ 政治の面でも「女性の登用も先進国とはいえない」そうです。(地方)議員の近未来の姿は欧米のようにボランティア議員の流れだといわれます。 欧米先進国では、女性の活躍のために、いろいろな制度が法律で制定されているといわれます。フランスの女性の選挙における登用制度が注目されています。ウェブからはさまざまな詳しい情報が得られます。

・ネット情報によると、「一方、国外に目を転じれば、法律でクオータ制を定めている国は75ヶ国もある 。クオータ制quota systemとは男性と女性がある一定の割合で存在するよう定める制度(割当制)のことだ」とのこと。 このようなクォータ制の採用もわが国では、強力な抵抗勢力が存在していると語られています。いつまでも政治後進国であってはならないと述べられます。日本の後進性や遅れには全く嫌になってしまうといわれます。




欧州連合(EU)の中では、フランスは女性の政治参画が遅れている国でした 。IPU(列国議会同盟、本部・ジュネーブ)の統計によると、下院の女性議員比率は1990年代に5〜11%と低迷していたのです。そこでフランスでは2000年、立候補者が男女同数になることを目指す「パリテ同等法」が定められました。





「 女性は社会のほぼ半分を占めるのだから、社会のしくみを決める場でもほぼ半分を占めるようにしよう」という私にとって至極当たり前の目標は、今回も一顧だにされなかった。




21 世紀の今日、日本の国会も地方議会もまだ圧倒的な男社会なのである。

一方、国外に目を転じれば、法律でクオータ制を定めている国は75ヶ国もある。クオータ制quota systemとは男性と女性がある一定の割合で存在するよう定める制度(割当制)のことだ。ノルウェーでは、政策決定の場の男女不均衡を解消するために世界に先駆けてクオータ制を法律化した」とのこと。

■ 50%クオータ制にしたフランス






同法は、いわゆる「パリテ選挙法」と呼ばれる。政党は候補者を男女同数にしなければ、政党助成金が減額されるといった具体的罰則まで盛り込まれている 」とのこと。

・ 世界規模の競争を展開している企業に、チャンスが集中する現代においては、日本企業が「イノベーション」を達成することは、非常に難しい時代になったといわれます 。AIの分野でも「3周遅れ」といわれます。特に人口減少の、低成長時代に日本企業においては、世界的な展開を可能とするテクノロジーの開発において、先端を走ることは容易でないようです。世界で「兆し」を、掴んで素早くキャッチアップする努力が必要のようです。「米国が衰える」とよく言われました。しかし、「エイリアン・エンジニアリング」によって、米国は最強国の地位を失わないともいわれます。したがって、米国は発展段階の初期段階であるともいわれます。「エイリアン・エンジニアリング」によって、革新的なさまざまなテクノロジーが実現しているといわれます。インターネット革命から、テクノロジーに関する米国の独走が始まったといわれます。この「兆し」は、認識されているのでしょうか。「その彼らは地球から68光年離れた惑星クイントニアに住む宇宙人で母星から「エリア51」まで45分で移動できる」といわれます。当然ながら、光速を超えており、日帰りが可能のようです。 毎日、エイリアン・エンジニアリングのパソコンで、サクサクと快適にインタ―ネットを利用していますが、「異星人のテクノロジー」が背景の機械を使っているという認識は、ほとんど誰もありません。

「エイリアン・エンジニアリング」は、ロシアも研究しているのでしょうか。「モスクワには多くの異星人が住んでいる」というリーク話もあるそうです。米国が秘密協定を結んだのはラージノーズグレイというオリオン星人といわれています。オリオン星人は人類に5万年進化しているといわれ、「人間の魂の交換」ができるようです。 政府の中に政府があってアメリカ大統領といえどもコントロールできないといわれます。「いざ大統領に就任すると、この話題には関与せずという概要が出されるのだ。こうした態度は“大統領の黙秘症候群”と呼ばれている」と指摘されています。トランプ大統領も、どこかのユダヤ系のフリーメーソン組織に属しているのでしょうか。


在日宇宙人問題を認識している人はほとんどいないといわれます。 宇宙人情報を公開すると主権が危うくなるともいわれます。エルダーとよばれる天使のような人間タイプのオリオン星人が小柄なグレイと共に飛来したそうです。 アバブ・トップシークレットですので、私たち一般人には、理解不能なことが多いようです。

・ 大前研一とアマゾンに入力すると449件の書籍が表示されます。多作で著名な経営コンサルタントの情報収集術は独特のものがあるようです 。新聞やテレビのニュースを見ない人も増えてきているようです。「断捨離」という発想でしょうか。インターネットに膨大な情報が流されており、ネットから有益な情報を得るためには、新聞やテレビの情報を断つのも一つの方法かもしれません。 情報は「選ぶ」、「続ける」、「形にする」ことが重要です。「天国でも経営コンサルタントを必要としている」とか「職業を研究している天使(高等知性体)がいる」とかの与太話があるそうですが、この不況の中、経営コンサルタントは大いに活躍していることでしょう。

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