[Bellator] Tofick Musaev’s exclusive interview in the United States debut “The match against Satoshi was injured. I wanted to rematch with RIZIN, but I won and rematch with the pitbull this time, wind the Bellator belt. Win again in the RIZIN ring. Waiting for the day “(Gong martial arts)

2019 RIZIN Lightweight GP Championship on July 22, 2022 (Japan time from 7:30 am on the 23rd of Japan) at the “Bellator 283” to be held at Emerald Queen Casino & Hotel in Tacoma, Washington, USA, USA. Tofick Musaev (Azerbaijan) participated for the first time. This magazine “Gong Martial Arts” conducted an exclusive interview. [Photo] Musaev sending a message to Japanese fans with a smile, the champion Patricky Frerey (Brazil), who was scheduled to participate in the Lightweight Title Match, was injured, and instead Musaev was the first place in the same class, Sydney Outlaw. View the United States). For Musaev, who was originally planned to make a circle cage debut in April, a game with a higher opponent than the original Zack Zain and Adam Picrootty. In the match against the first place in the lightweight, Musaev said, “I just wanted to play a match. I was glad to fight in April. It is not a problem that my opponent has suddenly changed. Go to Bellator to win. We will win this game, rematch Pit Bull, and wind the Bellator belt. ” Outlaw, on the other hand, was an emergency match against Michael Chandler as a substitute for Benson Henderson, who was missed at the 카지노 Bellator Japan Games in December 2019. Despite being defeated by the right cross to the 1R, he won the split Jury in June 2021 with the former UFC Miles Julie in the previous race, and marked two consecutive victories in Bellator. is doing. If Musaev wins the outlaw, you can see the throne challenge, but in the same tournament, Usman Nurumagomedov (Russia) vs. Chris Gonzales (US 7 wins 1 loss), which has 14 wins and unbeaten in the same lightweight. It is also assembled. Who will be the lightweight title content? For the hottest match, Musaev was eager to participate in the Bellator Japan Games. ◆ I have been practicing hard at Sunford MMA in the United States, so thank you for responding to the ZOOM interview of Gong Martial Arts at an important time, just before his ─ Bellator debut. As of 10 days ago, you’re still in Azerbaijan. “Yes. I’m in Baku (in the capital).” “It’s 17 days” ── It’s a pretty tight schedule because the game is 22 days in the United States. Since it is a game since the game against Babelt Satoshi Souza in RIZIN in June 2021, the spacing will be available for more than a year, but how was your training during that time? “I was able to load well. I went to the United States in 2021. I have been practicing hard at Sanford MMA (now Kirkurif Fight Club), so I’m ready for the game.” It is a great force led by! How did you practice there? “I was able to do the best training. Everyone in the team, including the Fuffed coach, did it very well. Ugar Keramov went with me. I’m ready to train with the powerful players. I’m ready. Fight in Bellator. It’s my first time, but I think I can show an interesting game. After this match, I hope that American fans will love me. I hope you can remember it as a great fighter. ” I also saw that you were sparring with former UFC Light -class provisional champion Jasten Gaze. “Oh, that’s three years ago.”

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